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Ref. A book “FLOWER HUNTERS” by Mary Gribbin and John Gribbin

Carl Linnaeus had observed the time that flowers capable of growing in Sweden opened and closed each day and he devised a plan which arranged plants opening and closing at different times of day so enabling him to plant a ‘floral clock’ that could (hopefully) determine the time accurately within half an hour.
There is no record of Linnaeus actually managing to cultivate such a clock, and the idea, which he published in Philosophica botanica in 1751, may well have been theoretical rather than practical garden project.
He backed from the idea for his son Carl Linnaeus,who began to write a paper on the same project.
This thesis (Horologium Plantarium)was never completed and Carl seem to have become disenchanted by the idea.

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Quite interesting reading this . Thanks for sharing.

Thanks a lot for sharing. Not only that, but there are some patterns in the color of the flower and the season, studying which may yield some interesting results. Just for example, summer is the time when maximum yellow coloured flowers bloom? This is through my personal observation.


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