Arctostaphylos stanfordiana, with the common name Stanford’s manzanita, is a species of manzanita that is endemic to northern California. It is known from the outer North Coast Ranges north of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Arctostaphylos stanfordiana is a bushy shrub growing .5–3 metres (1.6–9.8 ft) in height. Leaves are oblong to widely lance-shaped, shiny green, and up to 5 centimeters long.
The inflorescence is a loose cluster of urn-shaped manzanita flowers which are pink, with some so pale that they are nearly white. The fruit is an oblong drupe about 7 millimeters wide.
There are three subspecies:
  • A. s. ssp. decumbens (Rincon manzanita) – rare subspecies endemic to Sonoma County
  • A. s. ssp. raichei (Raiche’s manzanita) – known mostly from Mendocino County
  • A. s. ssp. stanfordiana (Stanford’s manzanita) – more widespread than other subspecies
(From Wikipedia on 19.4.14)


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… all my photographs are from San Francisco Botanical garden except R.arboreum.


Arctostaphylos stanfordiana from San Francisco Botanical Garden-GS03022023: 2 high res. images.
Arctostaphylos stanfordiana, another California native clicked from San Francisco Botanical Garden, California. Earlier shared by …  in 2014

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