We have just launched an online plant, gardening and nature magazine, New leaf Magazine, www.newleafmagazine.in. The magazine is in English and will focus on all aspects of plants- conservation, indigenous plants, forest trees, silviculture, botanical and nature art,wildlife, permaculture, indoor plants and cultivation,organic vegetables and fruit cultivation, seed banks and conservation of endangered plants, botanical rarities and curiosities, medicinal plants and food including cuisine, workshops and environmental action. All who are interested in writing on any of these topics may kindly revert back to me at editor@newleafmagazine.in and kodaifern@yahoo.co.in
We are a triennial publication and our scheduled month of release for the first copy will be roughly June to July 2014. 
The magazine aims to present good quality articles, stories, anecdotes and essays on these diverse subjects.We also have a website in which we are happy to give space for advertisers of open pollinated seeds, gardeners and nurseries that want to sell live plants or gardening tools,artists and photographers who want to sell prints and merchandise and any activity or small businesses that focus on plants and wildlife conservation.
Please do write in if you are interested in being a contributor on any of the above.All other details are available on request via email.

In regard to my query “Is it possible for you to screen contents from efloraofindia discussions/ pictures & publish them in your magazine with the permission of the posters ?”, she writes as below:
“Yes, but we would like some unpublished content too. We can of course carry some material from posters, but we prefer to post content in, for ex.If it is Ceropegias with some notes on habit of Ceropegias, locations and field notes, drawings etc. as original and unpublished. And we don’t want anything already published in blogs or other magazines. As this is an online magazine, once published we would definitely carry links and hyper links to the blogger’s posts for any future readings by interested subscribers. We will also carry the writer or contributor’s credentials and short note on self etc. We also carry book reviews which will help readers to buy something interesting on plants, nature and ecology/ conservation. If publishers do ask, will send the link and maybe someone from the group may review the book. Please do write me if there any more FAQs. our website is: www.newleafmagazine.in