Polygonum effusum Meisn., Prodr. 14: 93 1857. ;





These pics were recorded from Kaithal, I hope they also belong to Polygonum pleibium, this form has few flowers at nodes; internodes and leaves longer..
Please give your opinion..

Wow! beautiful closeups!

Thanks for this post …! Your doubts are very genuine.

Stamens are generally 5 in P. plebeiumhere I can clearly see 8 stamens, distinctly pedicellate flowers exserted from ochrea and equal size tepals. Hence I think your plant is Polygonum effusum Meisn. The plant was once considered a variety of P. plebeium (as you also guessed) but later separated.
You can find the details here:
Thanks again for the post.

Thanks … for liking… Thanks a lot … for these details, I will be more critical next time to confirm…







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