I am researching the fibrous plants of Odisha and Central Indian provinces (special attention), but also rest of India for a research project on cloths made from the fibrous plants.
Would appreciate if anybody has any information on plant, fibre, cloth from fibrous plants.
I am especially interested in the tribal cloths.
I am presently unable to locate the plant of a fibre called ‘Kerang’, ‘Kudhei’, ‘kurei’, from Odisha reportedly used for weaving cloth.
Would appreciate the group’s input on all this.
Looking forward to hearing from you,

cellulose wood fibres of Eucalyptus species, Acacia species, are commercially used for making fabrics.

thank you
I am looking at both traditionally processed fibres as well as rayon fabrics.
You are speaking of the rayon fibres I presume.
Eucalyptus is commercially grown for rayon/viscose mills.
Acacia species- which ones and whether this is for traditional or rayon industries? Please share any information on this.