Flora of Karnataka : 11 posts by 9 authors.
I am just entrusted with the final editing of the Flora of Karnataka (Dicotyledons), to be completed within next six months so that it can be published by Botanical Survey of India on priority basis.
In the above context, I request you all to kindly inform me about any latest addition and nomenclatural changes etc. if available with you.
Next I wish to include the cultivated species also, at the end of each genus, hence please send me list of cultivated plants also, if possible with references and place of occurrence.
Finally, good photographs are welcome. Each and every photo will be acknowledged with the name of photographer on the body of the photo.

Congrats … I am sure you will do a great job of it.

Thanks, … It’s a great responsibility. Best wishes on behalf of efloraofindia.

Thanks, …, You can use any of my photos if anything suits you.

Best wishes … It will be another good flora from BSI.

I, personally find these floras (from BSI) very useful and affordable. I can purchase them myself and in fact have all vols of Flora of India and many others too.
Great efforts by BSI and the workers therein.

You are welcome to use any of my photographs. Eagerly waiting for the Flora.

Best wishes … You are free to use any pictures that you find suitable.