we are documenting the botanical wealth in our villages in Alirajpur. most of the flora that have been documented by the village people have Bhili names and only a few have Hindi names. So to get the latin botanical names we need to have an illustrated botanical encyclopaedia with which the villagers can compare their botanical wealth. is there any online source? could you ask your botanical e group to help us out with this?

Thanks I am sharing this with the online E-Flora group members for their inputs on this.

Many people on this group may not be familiar with Local Bheeli name but everyone will be helpful if photographs are there.

If you post the photos on the group, we may try to help with the botanical names.

at the moment we have just done rudimentary documentation of all the flora that are there in the Mathwad Forest Range in Alirajpur district. Taking pictures of these plants is going to be a more difficult proposition which may take much more time though we can do it. So what I was looking for immediately was a picture database of Indian flora either electronic or in book form that we could then circulate among the villagers for them to identify the species in it that are available in their area and so we would be able to get a fix on the latin names.

Thanks …, I feel this http://www.flowersofindia.net/botanical.html is what you may be looking for at the moment?