Solanum villosum ? ;





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Habit: Herb
Habitat: Wild

Location: Dhaka City

Flowering: June

Solanum sp…?

Could be S. villosum subsp. mineatum but fruits (ripe) are necessary for identification. 




This herb was recorded from Llyods Botanical Garden, Darjeeling, of course not cultivated..
Please suggest where this should be placed, S. americanum or S. villosum,

tentatively I see this closer to S. villosum, though no fruits were seen..

efi page on Solanum villosum

Photography is visually very pleasing. But doesn’t carry enough information that suggests the species can be only one of the proposed two.
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Seen growing wild in a farm.

No fruits when the picture was taken.
Kindly id.

Solanum villosum ????