Campanula portenschlagiana syn. C. muralis, is a species of flowering plant in the family Campanulaceae, native to the Dalmatian Mountains in Croatia. It is a vigorous, low-growing, mound-forming evergreen perennial with deep purple flowers in summer.[2]

Common names include Dalmatian bellflower, Adria bellflower and wall bellflower.
The plant forms a mat of foliage about 10 cm (4 in) high and 50 cm (20 in) or more wide, with many heart- or kidney-shaped leaves. Deep purple or blue, funnel-shaped, 5-petalled flowers, 2 cm long, are borne in profusion, completely covering the plant from mid- to late summer.[2]  Flowers may be pollinated by beetles, flies, bees and butterflies, but are also capable of self-pollinating.
The Latin specific epithet portenschlagiana commemorates the Austrian naturalist Franz von Portenschlag-Leydermayer (1772-1822).[3]
C. portenschlagiana is an alpine plant requiring sharp drainage, so is suitable for an alpine garden, rock garden, or as groundcover, in sun or patial shade.[4] Given suitable conditions, it will rapidly colonise cracks and crevices in walls and pavements
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Images by Gurcharan Singh



Campanula portenschlagiana Schult.
syn: Campanula muralis Port. ex A. DC.
A ground cover forming ornamental photographed from Sunnyvale, California.


Campanula muralis from California-GS22072021-1: 2 images.
Campanula muralis, cultivated, clicked from Fremont, California, 26-5-2019




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