Pogostemon parviflorus Benth., Pl. Asiat. Rar. 1: 31 1830. ;  

Pogostemon ¿ benghalensis ?
I am not confident about this plant being benghalensis. Something looks different to me about its inflorescence. Other aspects seems similar to that of P. benghalensis. Please help validate / ID.
at Prabalgad on January 28, 2012  

efi page on Pogostemon benghalensis 

It is not Pogostemon benghalensis as the flowers are generally crowded therein (and not arranged in lax  in spikes as seen in your photographs). How about P.cablin. Pl check this link also http://toptropicals.com/pics/garden/04/4000/3763.jpg.  

Thank you very much … for resurfacing this post for ID.

Many thanks to Mahadeswara ji for his validating points, and possible ID of P. cablin.
Pictures of P. cablin on internet are confusing, most of them look close to P. benghalensis in context of inflorescence. 
Another query arises: Is P. cablin distributed in northern Western Ghats.

Reply as per another thread: This might be Pogostemon pubescens or P. parviflorus very closed allied spp of P. bengalensis. From photos I can guess this is the latter.

Thanks very much … for providing the possible IDs. Will revise my notes with the tentative ID of Pogostemon parviflorus.