Cucurbit from Pune for ID : Attachments (2). 3 posts by 2 authors.
Please help me to ID this prostrate perennial climber found in dry rocky hills near Pune yesterday (15.9.13).
Root stout, cylindric, abt 10 cm long; branches many from base 30-50 cm long, hairy. Leaves 4-6 cm, orbicular, 3-5 lobed, hairy; petioles 2-3 cm. Flowers about 6 mm.
Fruit about 1 cm long in premature stage as seen in picture.
Is this Momordica balsamina?

Not Momordica balsamina, which does not have spiny fruits.
I think this is Cucumis dipsaceous, teasel gourd, a weed that has spread in many places in India, although leaves are more deeply lobed here..

It seems to be Cucumis prophetarum
Attaching the photograph taken at Hampi, karnataka
in Oct 2013

Leaves yes, but not fruit as uploaded by …
and in our group

Attaching the photographs of fruit of the same

Yes this surely is prophetatum. … plant seems to have much longer slender appendages. Perhaps if he loads another clear image, it should help.

Could you finally got it identified ?

I hope Cucumis dipsaceus, recent introduction in India.

Thanks, … But does not match with images at Cucumis dipsaceus Ehrenb. ex Spach 

it seems ripe fruit of Cucumis dipsaceus

Looks different from images at POWO

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