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Good news to enthusiasts of Sahyadri flora. Shrikant (Ingalhalikar) ji’s third and last field guide in the series, aptly named as ‘Final Flowers of Sahyadri’ will be released on 21 March 2014 – a day auspicious to people of our kind – the ‘World Forest Day’.

Shrikant ji has been working endlessly, more so for the last two years to get the final lot of flowers into this new book. I and Prashant have been fortunate to join him during his explorations, and have benefited from every trip. But I must say every trip did not benefit him necessarily. Several times he would need to go in successive weeks or so to find the plants blooming! In some cases, it would be successive years!

Some details of the new book that I know from him: “It will contain 800 new species of flowering plants of north Western Ghats. With this third and last field guide in the series, documentation of 2200 species from this hot spot habitat gets completed. Grasses and sedges are not in scope of this set of 3 field guides. Besides the 800 species (530 wild and 270 cultivated), the new guide also enlists and gives identification help for about 100 species of Palms and Conifers of this region.”

He is launching a website too … on 1st March 2014, which would have all the information and updates related to books authored by him. The new book and any of his earlier books may be ordered by logging on to the website.

Identick, a new web application for identification of the 2200 species of flowering plants of Sahyadri is also being launched along with the website. I am sure it will serve like a ready reckoner to identify the plants found in Sahyadri.

I am attaching a small snapshot of the book cover that he shared with me. The A5 sized book has 288 pages.

Thanks, , for the news.
He has been rendering yeoman’s service to the flora of India (in particular Western Ghats).
Lot many people in this group (as well as outside) has been greatly benefited by his books & his expertise.
His name will remain etched for ever.

Thanks … for this valuable information… everyone must congratulate Shrikant Ji for this marvellous work and service to floristic studies….
I can imagine the worth of the book as I have seen the earlier ones…a fantastic creation indeed….

Congratulations to Dr Shrikant for the stupendous work. I have greatly benefitted from his previous books. Can I pre order the new one?

Thank you all for the well wishes. …, at present, pre-ordering is possible by sending email to Shrikant Ingalhalikar <>.

Thanks … for this great news….
My best wishes to Shrikant ji … Exploring more than 2000 sp is no joke, its a result of his commitment, dedication and passion.. Thanks Shrikant ji for all yr efforts of making so many Flora enthusiasts aware of wide diversity and distribution of wild flora in Sahyadri region of Western Ghats.. Salute to you..

We are proud of you Shrikant ji. Your contributions are really wonderful. Wishing for many more such achievements.

I look forward to Shrikant’s latest book. I too have been fortunate to accompany him in some explorations and I admire his dedication and persistence in searching out and identifying plants. He is always willing to travel long distances for a possible sighting of a flowering plant. His enthusiasm is very inspiring.
His books are useful for the layman and for botanists alike.

Thanks everyone for inspiring notes; with your blessings the book will go to press smoothly. I will chalk out a scheme for EFI members to order the book at discount. I am grateful for responding to the announcement. Incidently the book will have many images contributed by the members; that has expedited the completion of the book.

Hearty Congratulations Shrikant ji! This is a great achievement and a remarkable contribution to the Flora of India, particularly the W.Ghats hotspot. Wish you further success in all your future endeavors!

I tried visiting your website ( today but it led me to a dead end. Have you changed the name of your website?

Another feather in the cap of Shrikant Ji.

He has really showed how taxonomy can be directly linked to society.
I have previous 2 volumes with me and eager to purchase the 3rd one.

I have only the second part, who will gift me the first and second one 😛

Congratulations Shrikant sir, I am sure you will add more and more to this series…..

Thanks for bearing with me for the delay in availability of the newly published 3rd part of Flowers of Sahyadri. Dr. SR Yadav who released this book last month insisted on changing the title from ‘Final’ to ‘Additions to Flowers of Sahyadri’. Obviously I will not terminate the series of field guides on western ghats at this 3 rd part. The set now covers 2200 species including 370 cultivated species. Thanks once again to members who contributed their images for the book.
There was an issue with the production of this book subsequent to the launch and now it is available for the members of efloraofindia. Instead of offering any discount I am bearing the cost of packing, forwarding and freight so that it is simple to order the book. You may credit an amount of Rs. 800 (per copy) to a/c no 050320100001058 of Corolla Publications at Bank of India Karve road, Pune ISFC BKID0000503. The book will be despatched by Speedpost irrespective of the cost involved. Please send details of payment and address of despatch.
The website will be live with effect from 26th May 2014. More information on all books can be had from the website. The newly launched app ‘Flowers of Sahyadri’ is already available with Apple, Google and Amazon app stores.