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Well, I am a forest officer in Assam but not from a Botany back ground least to speak of the plant Taxonomy. May I request you to advise as to the identity of the plant as photographed by me hope fully under the family relating to your new species?

looks like Artabotrys, pls wait for some experts comments.

Its a species of Diospyros

Diospyrossome‎ species in eFIoraofindia & India (with details/ keys from FDT/ FRLHT/ FOI/ efloras/ regional flora books etc.)

Diospyros lanceifolia Roxb. ??

Could you identify it?
Where have you clicked the image?
Leaves appear like those of Diospyros neilgerrensis (Wight) Kosterm. and fruits those of Diospyros montana Roxb.

It was photographed in the Upper Dehing RF of Digboi Division, Tinsukia District, Assam.

I think this is Diospyros lancifolia as per POWO and its specimens onetwothreeGBIF specimens- onetwothreeIBIS Flora (description), Checklist of Nepal


Diospyros lanceifolia Roxb.: 7 very high res. images.

Location: Burtibang Road, Baglung, Nepal 
Date: 30 May 2023
Elevation: 1100 m.

Habit : Wild

Nepali Name : तिजु Tiju

Yes, appears close as per images at