Osbeckia octandra DC.;
Common name: Eight Stamen Osbeckia • Sanskrit: Heen bowitiya

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Please ID this ornamental plant with pink flowers. Photo was taken in Sri Lanka in Mar 2013

It looks like Melastoma malabathricum

efi page on Melastoma malabathricum 

For me … ID is correct.
Melastoma malabathricum

As per Key in FoC and eFI this should be Osbeckia,
O. stellata has caducous calyx lobes, flowers there are 4-merous. Calyx doesn’t look like O. nepalensis.
Naked calyx tube with recurved lobes, capitate inflorescence suggest O. chinensis?
Please upload details.
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… do you have close up of the flowers esp. calyx as … suggested? and other pictures?

to me this is strange/different… does not quite make it to m. malabathricum
cant say where to classify it without more detailed pictures which …  does not have…
I used to have several of these in my garden over the years,  purchased from street vendors, hort, and many reputed nurseries owned by botany trained folks…
here in this picture: both leaves variance over wide range in size  and flowers shape are not quite the thing
I don’t think this case can be put to rest or finalized as is. Sorry.

As per Bengal Plants –

Stamens all alike = Osbeckia
Stamens very unequal = Melastoma
The same KEY can be seen in FoC
Attached here resized cropped pics of the species uploaded in this thread. As you can see all stamens are equal it is Osbeckia to my understanding. This can be compared with posts like efi thread.
But which species can only be determined if details are available. On searching further it appears to me that it may be closer to O. octandra DC. – http://botany.cz/cs/osbeckia-octandra/, based simply on the greenish-white circular ring at the centre of corolla.


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