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Had been to Rishikesh last weekend and went and visited a few gem stores. They sold spatik malas, navrathan malas, etc. and also Rudraksh beads of many types. One particular Rudraksh at a State Government run shop caught my attention, the shopkeeper said this particular one is a “21 mukhi”and extremely rare. He said it is worth 30 lakhs!! I was stunned. 30 lakhs for a seed..Open to comments and views!

That depends upon the belief of the buyer.

Rishikesh is a abnormal seed…….                                                      

First, nice to see a rarity. I am surprised he let you pick it up and photograph it. Good.

Your question is bound to bring out believers and skeptics alike.

who is to say … let us not go all faint over it, but on the other hand let us not be sooooo skeptical as to miss an important piece of info…
may be in a couple of hundred years the humanity will have a machine and hundreds of smart people who will design amplifiers and detectors recorders and mathematical models to detect the spiritual energy that is purported nowadays to rudraksha beads…
or may be not…
but if we were told told that there was a god particle/ Higgs Boson a couple of hundred years ago, we would have laughed at them….
And if a few hundred years ago we were told heart and the brain had electric currents in them, what would have happened to the messenger?
Only now EKG/ECG and EEG are important and mundane/routine diagnostic tools. and have spawned more elaborate and precise diagnostic visualization tools.
AS technology advances and detection methods are made more sensitive and precise, more and more of the subtle energies in the human, animal and plant word will be authenticated, described classified and accepted or rejected…
It is all science, it starts with a belief or old wives tales… as in case of discovery of Digitalis..and hundreds of others, . look it up google is full of many such stories…  
Millions of people take the baby aspirin, on a belief only, if you look at the meta data very carefully there is no real data that supports taking it for prevention of heart attack.. rather it may ppt internal bleeding, but millions of still take it. BELIEF that 80mgs of a tar derived chemical will help them live longer and keep the specter of a heart attack away is driving billions of dollar turn over every year.
SO lets discover what’s the belief and old wives tales for this seed.

P.S. there are sacred trees, sacred groves , sacred rivers, sacred places all over the world… in all cultures, all religions, so lets keep an open mind. Many books and PHD thesis and hence careers have been made on study of the sacred beliefs, even at such lofty places at the Harvard University.


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