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Please ID this small ornamental shrub with pinkish white flowers.
Photo was taken in Sri Lanka in Dec 2013.

Ruspolia sp?

Ruspolia saticalyx.

Pseuderanthemum species

To me it seems to be species of Pseuderanthemum.

Thanks for the thread and discussion, this is another new addition to my endless new list! Ruspolia and Pseuderanthemum are sometimes synonymous, and sometimes not as far my search result goes. So, there must be some KEY to genera level which i couldn’t find. Key to Eranthemum and Pseuderanthemum can be found in efloras.


If the sender PRD is from western India

and this was found “wild” or natural , it makes sense since the links  from Surajit, esp the last one shows its widely distributed in eastern states of African continent… migration of seeds is likely…

if cultivated it would be interesting to find the history of such horticultural adventures… did it happen during the british rule ?  or

did independent India’s horticulturist, florists, (cant be florists  because it seems it has not entered any cut flower markets yet) or botanists brought it over? if botanists brought it over .. then why? whats s o special or was it a whim?

I just have questions

no answers
some answers could be if one finds it listed in old (hundred years old) floras of the western Indian states….>>>.

I just discovered it was not in India but Ceylon

that may change things