Impatiens violoides Edgew. ex Hook.f., Rec. Bot. Surv. India 4: 8 1904.;
Common name: Pansy Balsam

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This impatiens has been shot from below Chansil Pass in Shimla Distt.
The reply of … is as under.
Your plant don’t match exactly any of  Impatiens known from Himachal Pradesh (as far as I am able to check it). 
There are some similarities to I. serrata as only non-spurred species in this area, but at least some inflorescences of your plant are multiflowered.

You can try to contact …, who is working on the flora of Uttarakhand. His paper dealing with three new species of Impatiens from western Himalaya was posted on e-flora of India e-group.

This plant could be also I. violoides, described probably from nowadays Uttarakhand, however description of this species is veeeeery short with no information on colour of flowers and many other details. Below is original description by Hooker:

The only specimens which I have seen are very imperfect. One in the Bentham Herbarium has a ticket inscribed ‘Impatiens CandidaLindl., near Junglung, alt. 8-9,000 ft.’ I cannot find the localities named. I. Candida, Lindl., is a very different plant, a white flowered state of I. Roylei, Walp. The caphiform lip and absence of spur render I. violoides easy of recognition.”
So only clue is that I. violoides was recognized as white form of I. glandulifera, but has less or more shallow lower sepal and lacks spur.
In the key there isCapsules deflexed, racemes short or umbelliform few-flowered” what looks similar to this plant.

I can’t find any picture of I. violoides, so all this is only my guess.

Impatiens violoides Edgew. ex Hook.f.

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