Cyperus tenuispica ?;


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Both, Cyperus tenuispica Steud. and C. haspan L. are present in West Bengal (Bengal Plants and sites like IUCN). I have one earlier post.
Both the species have similar forms and hard to differentiate (by me).
Cyperus haspan can be perennial or annual whereas C. tenuispica is an annual.
This was recorded near Uttarpara, on 8/11/14, in a lowland, partially cultivated as paddyfield. About 1 ft high, annual and at the end of lifecyle, looks similar to plants.minibird 

efi page on Cyperus tenuispica   

Looks like Cyperus tenuispica, but C. haspan is very similar in appearance. Many Cyperaceae members looks similar and need a complete specimen to confirm the identity.

Yes Sir, the next time I see similar looking species I will try to get all info, including roots and leaf-sheaths. Thank you once again and many many thanks to …

I agree with …, without complete scaled profile identification can go wrong. Let it remain as Cyperus sp. only.

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