S. America – Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, the Guyanas as per Useful Tropical Plants
Common name: Monkey Brush vine


Combretum rotundifolium at Mumbai
Common name: Monkey brush vine..

Yes it is Combretum rotundifolium

Very beautiful inflorescence, thanks again

Thanks, …
Is it Combretum rotundifolium Rich. (Native of S. America as per GRIN) & not Combretum latifolium Blume (syn: Combretum rotundifolium Roxb.) ?

Combretum rotundifolium (Monkey Brush)
Photographed at Hanging Gardens, Mumbai


Commonly known as Monkey Brush Vine, from Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai & Lalbagh, Bangalore.

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Is it Combretum rotundifolium Rich. (Native of S. America as per GRIN) & not Combretum latifolium Blume (syn: Combretum rotundifolium Roxb.) ?

Somehow I have identified it initially as Combretum rotundifolium, correctly or not I don’t know.
I hope … will be able to help us come to the correct id since he has revised Combretaceae for ‘Flora of India’.
This is not a native plant but cultivated seen in gardens and during Flower Shows & Exhibitions.

At least, I have not seen it in the wild.


Attached are pictures of unopened buds of Combretum rotundifolium captured at Jijamata Udyan in March 2013.

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Is it Combretum rotundifolium Rich. (Native of S. America as per GRIN) & not Combretum latifolium Blume (syn: Combretum rotundifolium Roxb.) ?

…, I identified this plant based on the FoI pic therefore, I am unable to provide any further information in this regard…

Kindly examine and identify this small tree. 

Habit: Tree 

Habitat: Cultivated,Ornamental 

Sighting: Bangalore,Karnataka about 800 msl 

Date: 08-09-2015

… monkey brush, most possibly Combretum rotundifolium.

Thank you, … This is something new for me.

Matches with Combretum rotundifolium. Thanks again …


Combretum rotundifolium :: Dattaji Salvi Udyan :: 08 APR 18 : 15 posts by 4 authors. 2 images.
Dattaji Salvi Udyan  Thane
Date: April 8, 2018 … Altitude: about 11 m (36 feet) asl   

Combretum rotundifolium  Rich.

Only under cultivation?

Yes …, planted as ornamental in India.

Dear friends, going through picture google search results – the posted plant could rather be Combretum fruticosum – which looks quite similar to C. rotundifolium. Tried understanding differences via keys – it did not help me. Hopefully someone validates the ID.

Yes. C fruticosum. Orange flame vine

I could not open the key link.
All our posts from India are identified as Combretum rotundifolium (Cultivated) as per details herein.

…, the link has expired (not sure why would the site prefer that the link expire after certain time).

I was not able to find any good reference that elaborates keys to differentiate rotundifolium vs. fruticosum.

I had labelled the posted plant as rotundifolium – the gardener pointed out that the species is fruticosum. I checked on internet for both species and got a feeling that the posted plant could be rather fruticosum than rotundifolium. I hope we get validations come from gardeners / horticulturists.

Thanks, …,  We have to look for reliable sources. Pl. give the links so that everybody can have a look.

Can any one point out the differences between C. rotundifolium and fruticosum so that I’d can be finalized? 

I could find the following references from Indian literature on net for C. rotundifolium:
Could not find any such literature on net on C. fruticosum
In view, it is better to take it as C. rotundifolium for the time being.

Okay, thanks … Will revise notes at flickr accordingly.

I am confused with the references of yesteryear. that you found … the color coding is for ease of my own eyesight now, please do not read anything else into it.

A Manual of Gardening for Bengal and Upper India says the flowers of combretum rotundifolium are white and not at all interesting.

and  The new Indian gardener, and guide with a vocabulary By G T F.S. Barlow Speede only says its a combretum with round leaves
and Edward Balfour (1885) only lists the combrettum plants found in india. 
and  John Forbes Watson (1868) only gives an index….
and Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, Volume 40 (1871)  also only lists plants found until 1871
where both fructicosum and rotundifolium are shown.
the fructicosum by … from vine growing in northern california usa.
i am not sure what to make of this case just yet. 


Flower for ID : Coorg: 27JUL19 : 5 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1)

Need an ID for the flower in the attached picture. Photo taken in Coorg but the plant is not native.

Combretum species ?

Looks more like Combretum rotundifolium. commonly known as monkey brush flower ?  It is an introduced tree native to South America. 

Please send an uncropped habit photo,  photos of leaves  & flowers for confirmation or otherwise.

Is it a climber or a bush ?

Look matching …!

Flower for Id -ID27082020SH1: 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)
Flower for Id pl.
Location – Vasai (near Mumbai) Date – May. 2018

Seems to be Combretum.

Combretum species. But it is difficult to pin point the ID of the species whether it is C.constrictum or rotundifolium  as the flower picture is not clear. Post another picture showing the closeup of the inflorescence.

Thanks … Extremely sorry, but I have only one image. But it looks C.rotundifolium to me.


Request for ID of flower– 130512SC1: Posting photo of flower for Id.

Date/Time – 06.05.2012 / 10.15 p.m.
Location – Place – Vasai (Near Mumbai)

Habitat – Garden/ Urban/ Wild / Type – Wild

Probably some species of Callistemon

I think it may be Combretum rotundifolium Rich. as per comparative images at Combretum

Thanks … Yes, i saw these same flowers two-three years back in one garden from Thane and remembered.