We are pleased to inform you about our new publications “Flora of Darjeeling Himalayas and Foothills (Angiosperms)” by Deepak Kr. Ghosh & Jayanta Kr. Mallick, Year : 2014, Pages : xviii, 960, 28 maps & c.a. 600 Coloured Photographs, ISBN : 978-81-211-0906-2, Binding : Hard Bound. Size : Letter, Price : Rs 6500.00

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The Himalayan mountain range, covering nearly 750,000 km2, has been broadly divided into (i) the Westem Himalaya, covering the Kumaon-Garhwal, northwest Kashmir and northern Pakistan and (ii) the Eastern Himalaya (524,190 Km2). The latter covers parts of Nepal, Bhutan, eight northeastern Indian states (Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura), as well as Darjeeling (hills covering 2320 km2 and terai and plains 934.7 km2 out of 3254 km2 district area) of West Bengal, southeast Tibet (China), and northern Myanmar. Some authors have, however, dealt with Darjeeling hills under Sikkim Himalaya.

Darjeeling himalaya has some unique characteristics as it constitutes high and sloping lands, low-lying valleys, forests and vegetation of various types as well as river beds and meadows. Thus it provides a mosaic of diverse landscapes from tropical (plains and terai in the south-western part) to subtropical (lower hills and valleys) upwards through middle hills with temperate forests (interior parts) to the higher slopes with sub alpine scrub and alpine meadows, that harbour and sustain rich flora, which represent the richest floral wealth in the state of West Bengal, India. But there is lack of a comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge on this biological heaven. Even the data so far published are widely scattered and difficult to obtain.

Flora of Darjeeling Himalayas and Foothills (Angiosperms) is a wonderful treasure trove that have been painstakingly researched for over two decades of study since 1993. The Botanical Survey of India certified this Project as a pioneer, outstanding and benchmark work of plant diversity record and estimation in difficult terrain of Darjeeling Himalayas. Such comprehensive records are not available except for this work.

The book is organized into three main parts. The first part is a general introduction of the study area. The second part presents an overview followed by the third one – updated account of the species and provides more precise information to the foresters, botanists and researchers. Families belonging to each group have been arranged alphabetically. Mabberley (2008) has mostly been followed as far as treatment of families and genera is concerned. Species within each family have also been described and arranged alphabetically at the generic level. The field information is arranged in a form accessible to the practical user as well as the more advanced botanical reader. The third part of the book gives an overview to the general readers. The relevant documents available and consulted are listed under reference.

An effort has been made to highlight a wide range of common, less common, rare as well as the recently discovered species occurring in the

Darjeeling Himalayas and foothills. The ethnobotanical uses of the wild plants by the local inhabitants and conservation status are also highlighted. It is hoped that this book will serve a long-felt need by making available information on the diverse flowering plant life in the wild to all strata of the inquisitive readers.

This invaluable compendium, will serve a wide range of users – foresters, botanists, ecologists, naturalists, environmentalists, conservationists, resource managers, planners, Government agencies, academic institutions, researchers, NGOs and all plant-lovers who feel beckoned by the magical calls of the colourful Nature.

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