IUCN Red List Status: Critically Endangered (CR)

castaneifolia (Roth) Ding Hou, Blumea 24: 33 1978 ?;

A poorly known tree from an imprecisely recorded localities on the border between Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Citation: World Conservation Monitoring Centre 1998. Nothopegia castanaefolia. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2014.3. <www.iucnredlist.org>. Downloaded on 15 January 2015.




Images by Amogh Ghaisas (Inserted by J.M.Garg)




Identify this plant for me please : 12 posts by 7 authors. Attachments (2)

I am attaching 2 photos of a plant which looks deceptively similar to a mango tree.

Can anyone identify it for me please?

One of the trees which is like mango is Syzygium travancoricum, but without the flowers and fruits it is difficult to determine.

… is a friend of mine. Have mentioned him previously in several of my mails. Besides being a Chartered Accountant and a Lawyer, he runs a NGO for the underprivileged tribals at Rajmachi [a Fort-hamlet near the popular hill station, Lonavala]. His passion is growing indigenous tree on the land there and has achieved a sizeable collection of native trees mainly from the Western Ghats and the forest of South India through seed germination.

These photographs [and presumably the subsequent ones which he will be forwarding for identification] were all taken by me in October 2010. At that time his aim was just to have a photographic record. He has now undertaking the onerous task of identifying them.

Sending a cropped image.

Could this be a Nothopegia sp. of Anacardiaceae?

Thanks … Conveyed your diagnosis to … He now remembers Dr. Almeida last year purely on the basis of the description provided to him [without seeing the actual plant / photograph] identifying it as Nothopegia colebrookiana.

It is now called Nothopegia castaneifolia a small tree about 5 mt. high with acrid milky juice.

Thanks … for the prompt confirmation. Really great to have the species identified from Dr. Almeida.

Both are different pl. see Nothopegia castaneifolia & Nothopegia colebrookiana

So what I have is N. castaneifolia. The leaves of N. colebrookiana are looking quite different in the picture posted. 

Nothopegia heyneana Gamble ??


iucn status of Nothopegia castenifolia:  please send me iucn status of Nothopegia castenifolia.

I think the correct spelling is Nothopegia castaneifolia as per link 

The IUCN status assigned (by World Conservation Monitoring Center) to Nothopegia castanaefolia (endemic to MH) is Critically Endangered, based on the qualifying IUCN Criteria B1+2c.
The Criteria B is applied here because this is a narrow endemic species, and qualifying to the threshold level of “Extent of occurrence estimated to be less than 100 km2 or area of occupancy estimated to be less than 10 km2”.
As per the rule it has to qualify at least two of the three sub-categories under B, and this species qualifies to the sub-categories B1 and B2c.
The subcategory B1 denotes that the species is “Severely fragmented or known to exist at only a single location”
and B2c refers to the situation… “Continuing decline, observed, inferred or projected…in the area, extent and/or quality of habitat”.




IUCN Red List (CR)  The Plant List Ver.1.1 (Unresolved) IBIS Flora

Nothopegia castaneifolia (Roth) Ding Hou, (Anacardiaceae) an addition to taxa of angiospermic flora of Marathwada (Maharashtra state)  by Chillawar R.G., Rathor O. S.BIOINFOLET – A Quarterly Journal of Life Sciences Year : 2014, Volume : 11, Issue : 3b