Endl. Gen. 1029 ; panicle short dense-fld., stamens 6 perfect, fruit ellipsoid, cells many-seeded. Hassk, in Plant. Jungh. 150, & Comm. Ind. 57 ; Clarke Comm. & Cyrt. Beng. t. 33 ; Monogr. 124. P. glaucescens, Teysm. & Binnend. in Nat. Tijd. Ned. Ind. xxiv. 305. Tradescantia thyrsiflora, Blume Enum. i. 6. Lamprocarpus thyrsiflorus, Blume ex Schultes f. Syst. vii., Addend. 1726.

Stem stout, erect, creeping below ; sheaths pubescent. Leaves 10-12 by 2.1/2-3.1/2 in., oblanceolate, narrowed into a 1-2 in. petiole, glabrous, margins crisped. Peduncle stout and ovoid panicle pubescent ; bracts ovate ; branches closely scarred ; flowers crowded. Fruit yellow-brown or blue, smooth, dorsally com¬pressed.
(From The Flora of British India (1892) from IBIS Flora)

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