P. pentandra (Roxb.) Benn. & R. Br. Ssp. wightii (Benn. & R. Br.) Friis & Wilmot-Dear var. wightii (Syn: P. caudata Benn.; P. scabra Wight) (Orissa, TN,  Karnataka, Kerala, AP, Tamil Nadu, Sri  Lanka) as per Let us identify our Pouzolzia species ;

Pouzolzia wightii Benn. & Br. Benn. Pl. Jav. Rar. 66 ; stem tall stout hoary or pubescent, lower leaves opposite or 3-nately whorled sessile or petioled from shortly oblong to narrowly lanceolate more or less scabrid above, upper similar or gradually smaller lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate often bractlike, stamens 4, fruit grooved wingless or broadly winged, wings opaque hairy.

Throughout the WESTERN DECCAN from the Concan southwards, Heyne, &c.
A taller usually more robust pubescent and larger leaved and bracted plant than P. pentandra, always tetrandrous, with leaves more or less scabrid above.—Under this must be included all the Deccan species with the leaves shorter upwards and 4 stamens. As with most other species its extreme forms are very definable, the more marked are P. Wightii proper ; stem pubescent or puberulous, leaves lanceolate base usually rounded hardly scabrid above, transverse nervules inconspicuous, male sepals more or less hairy above the flexure.
P. Wightii, Benn. l. c. ; Wight Ic. t. 2093, f. 8. P. ternata, Benn. l. c. ; Wight l. c. 2093, f. 7. P. ambigua, Wight l. c. 2095, f. 19. P. trialata, Wight l. c. 2097, f. 22. P. concinna, Wight l. c. 2093, f. 9. Memorialis ternata & ambigua, Wedd. Monogr. 422, 430. M. cordata B, Wedd. Monogr. t. 13 A. M. concinna, Wedd. in DC. Prodr. xvi. 1, 2354. M. nilghirensis, B. trialata & ternata, Wedd. in DC. l. c. Urtica ternata, Heyne in Wall. Cat. 4599.—I find no difference between the type specimens of Bennett’s P. Wightii and ternata, and have retained the former of these names.
(From The Flora of British India (1890) from IBIS Flora)

Agumbe Ghat :: Pouzolzia FOR ID :: DVJAN02 : 10 posts by 4 authors. 7 images.
Agumbe Ghat (part of Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary)Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka
Date: 28 DEC 2014 … Altitude: about 600 m asl at crest, about 250 m asl at foothill
Pouzolzia ¿ species ? … (family: Urticaceae)

Again a delight to observe. all details. love it

Pouzolzia species in eFIoraofindia (with details/ keys from published papers/ regional floras/ FRLHT/ FOI/ efloras/ books etc., where ever available)

I can see larger images now in your flickr account. Terete stem, opposite leaves with distinct petiole at base, tetrandrous flowers in bracteate spike on taller robust stem, perhaps male perianth slightly inflexed in the 2nd pic (from top) suggest Pouzolzia wightii Benn.?

For me it is Pouzolzia wightii.
However, it is not possible to pin point the variety.  If the variety is wightii  –   
it is mentioned in the plantlist that Pouzolzia wightii Benn. & Br. is synonym of Pouzolzia pentandra var. wightii (Benn. & Br.) Friis & Wilmot-Dear “

Thanks … for suggesting commonly Pouzolzia wightii. Will put this ID in my flickr notes.
At The Plants List, the data is not put with full confidence.

…, would the plant in this post be Pouzolzia pentandra (Roxb.) Benn. & R. Br. ssp. pentandra as per keys at ‎Pouzolzia ? 

It is P. pentandra (Roxb.) Benn. & R. Br. Ssp. wightii (Benn. & R. Br.) Friis & Wilmot-Dear var. wightii 

I do not find any search results for Pouzolzia pentandra subsp. wightii var. wightii
Is the var. wightii at the end written inadvertently ?
Pouzolzia pentandra subsp. wightii seems okay.

No, … Pl. see keys by … at Pouzolzia

OK, thanks …

Pouzolzia pentandra (Roxb.) Benn. & R. Br. subsp. wightii (Benn. & R. Br.) Friis & Wdmot-Dear var. wightii
Syn: P. wightii Benn. & R. Br.
Robust herb with opposite linear-ovate to elliptic leaves, up to 10 cm long, lower with up to 7 mm long petiole, upper sessile with broader base, uppermost marked reduced in size, margin entire, base with three distinct veins, usually glabrous, apex acuminate; male flowers usually 4 merous, sometimes 5-merous, female with marginal wings.
Photographed along road from Chikamagalur towards Mullayanagiri on September 26, 2015   

ANOCT17 Urticaceae for identification : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (9).

Nandi Hills
1st October 2014

Gonostegia hirta (Bl.) Miq.

I think it should be P. pentandra (Roxb.) Benn. & R. Br. ssp. pentandra as per images herein & as per keys at Pouzolzia

Sorry. Rather it should be P. pentandra (Roxb.) Benn. & R. Br. Ssp. wightii (Benn. & R. Br.) Friis & Wilmot-Dear var. wightii 


ANDEC44 Pouzolzia sp. for identification : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4).
Nelliyampathy, Kerala
November 2014

“Leaves with three simple primary nerves running nearly or quite to leaf-apex” (Prain)

“Stem terminating in bracteate spike” (Prain)
“Petiole short or 0” (Haines)
“secondary nerves 0” (Haines)
I think this is Pouzolzia pentandra (Roxb.) Benn (syn. Gonostegia pentandra (Roxb.) Miq.)

Thank you so much sir! A long pending post for me. Will be able to identify this species anywhere now.

Thank you …, we do not have this one here (W. Bengal), though should be present in neighbouring states.

Submission of Pouzolzia wightii : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)
Plant name: Pouzolzia wightii Benn., Pl. Jav. Rar. 66.1838.
Family: Urticaceae
Description: Pubescent herbs, 1-1.5m tall; branches gradually tapering into leafy spikes. Leaves alternate; lamina subsessile, base rounded, amplexicaul, ovate-lanceolate, 4-12 × 3-5cm, scabrid above, pubescent below; upper leaves reduced to floral bracts. Flowers 2mm across, greenish in sessile clusters in the axils of leafy-bracts, on 20-30 cm long leafy spikes. Flowers 4-merous. Male and female flowers together; male flowers sessile. Perianth tube 2-toothed at apex, lobes 4, greenish, 2mm long, pubescent outside. Stamens 4 as long as stamens. Ovary 2-winged; stigma 3-4 mm long.   Achenes 2-3mm across, obovoid, prominently winged.
Habitat & location: Rare. Found near moist places in hill side forests.
Photographed at Venkatagiri durgam near streams; about 600m above sea-level.

Charmadi Ghat Karnataka
Date: 12 NOV 2016 … Altitude: explored between: 873 – 976 m (2863 – 3201 ft) asl
Pouzolzia pentandra (Roxb.) Benn. & R. Br. subsp. wightii (Benn. & R. Br.) Friis & Wilmot-Dear var. wightii
… (family: Urticaceae) 


250 ID wild plant: 17 images.

Please ID wild plant,
Location: near Vannappuram Thodupuzha Idukki Dist. Kerala PIN:685607
Altitude: 1500fsl
Flower date: 27.10.2021, 12.25pm
Habitat: wild, moisture, river/streamside
Plant habit: small shrub, erect, branches, semi hard angular stem 05mm base diameter, annual
Height: 04 feet
Leaves: opposite, ovate, oblong, apex, hairy, size:15×7cm or less
Flower: axillary racemose, clustered, diameter:02.5mm, white, non fragrant
Fruit: circular compressed, white, diameter:03mm
Seed: brown flat with white wings, single, ovoid nice
Camera: mobile Samsung Galaxy A21s

Pouzolzia pentandra (Roxb.) Benn.

Yes, it is Pouzolzia pentandra, dear …, thank you very much for ID my plant,

P. pentandra (Roxb.) Benn. & R. Br. Ssp. wightii (Benn. & R. Br.) Friis & Wilmot-Dear var. wightii, as per images and details herein.

Is it not Pouzolzia wightii var. wightii.? only 4 stamens are seen…then pentandra?

POWO gives Pouzolzia wightii Benn. as a syn. of Gonostegia pentandra var. wightii (Benn.) Pull. & Karupp.

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