Dyschoriste dalzellii (T.Anderson ex Bedd.) Kuntze;


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In continuation with my earlier Acanthaceae post(Plant SMP JAN 12)
I had witnessed another but very small plant similar to this with crenate leaves but in different season.
Habitat Undergrowth below a tree on hilly region Vetal Tekdi.
Can this be D.dalzellii?

Please ignore the last picture. This is the newly found another plant which has non crenate leaves while the above posted plant shows crenate leaf margins

Looks much like Dyschoriste dalzellii, except the leaves which are crenate. Let us hear from … 

I’m guessing it’s D. dalzellii. How were the stems on this one? A cut open flower would help in id..

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Dyschoriste dalzellii (Diskori) from Pateshwar, Satara

Dyschoriste dalzellii (T.Anderson ex Bedd.) Kuntze
at Ganeshpuri on January 12, 2014


I had seen this herb long back (December-2007) at Nimgiri Fort, Junnar-Naneghat region.
Family: Acanthaceae,
Looks like some Dyschoriste sp.

Dyschoriste dalzellii (T.Anderson ex Bedd.) Kuntze


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Today I observed this plant and this time it looks like Dyschoriste dalzelli
The flower size 2.5 cm Leaves 2.5 cm with crenate margins. Calyx 1cm lobes linear
Please Opine

One more close up.
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it looks like that to me too.

Thanks … Probably more clearer characters this time


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Observed a new plant on Vetal Tekdi after a long long time.
Looks like from Acanthaceae
Habitat Herb; in 2-3 close island clusters of 2-3 feet diameter and total height 1-3 feet. No thorns
Stem round not rectangular in cross section. Internodal distance 4 cm
Leaves opposite, ovate 4.5cm x 2cm Apex acute. Edges entire. Post. surface tomentose.
Flowers axillary solitary or in clusters 2.2cm in length
Peduncles 2mm Bracts 2-3mm linear 2/3in number
Sepals linear 1cm; Joined for 1/3 distance then separate.
Corolla tube narrow 1cm long Cup 8mm long free part of the petals 5mm
Bilobed 2 lobes of upper lip while 3 of lower lip.
Stamens attached to petals 2 long 2 short. Carpel Longer and projecting with a curved tip.

Looks like Dyschoriste sp.. This could be Dyschoriste dalzellii??

Thanks …
The plant looks close to Dyschoriste dalzelli
Few points not matching are: Flora of BSI and FOS both mention the leaves to be crenate or subcrenate while I checked all of my photographs but the leaf margins are entire everywhere.
Can it be D.vagans…..? Though the leaves are supposed to be much larger in it and I couldn’t find the nature of its leaf margin. Its flower size is supposed to be less than 2.5cm as against more than 2.5cm in D.dalzellii
My flower size is 2.5cm or 2.6cm

To me the posted plant could be some species of Dyschoriste.
For D. dalzellii, the flowers seems relatively larger compared to the leaves.
I think … could help here.

The flowers look like D. dalzellii.
The stems in the plants I have seen are quadrangular and not round in cross section. Can’t see in the pictures if all the stems are round.
Leaves can be entire or sub crenate.
To distinguish properly between. D. dalzellii and C. vagans you have to dissect the flowers.

This area is accessible to me.
May be I have to wait till next year to get a good specimen again but surely revert back.

is there a paper that shows this distinction? between the flowers of D. dalzellii and C. vagans???
if handy could you send it to me
I think … would like it tooo perhaps

Don’t have a paper. There are good descriptions in Fl of Mah BSI, and Dr Almeida’s Flora.

To me it looks like Dyschoriste dalzellii rather than D.vagans as per comparative images at Dyschoriste

Seen this herb at Pateshwar, Satara.
Bot. name: Dyschoriste dalzellii ?
Family: Acanthaceae

efi page on Dyschoriste dalzellii

I guess it is close to Dyschoriste dalzellii!


Wild Plant for ID : Nasik : 09JAN22 : AK – 14: 3 images.
Seen at the base of Borgad Conservation Reserve today (9.1.22).

Could it be Lepidagathis?
All plants were very small.

Asystasia !

I had Lepidagathis or Berleria in mind.

It’s Dychoriste vagans ma’am,

This is new for me.
These small plants were seen under the canopy of trees in the forest.

I think more closer to images at Dyschoriste dalzellii compared to those at Dyschoriste vagans

The two species are very similar.
Cooke says that only the short or sometimes only microscopically visible spurs of the anther cells serve to separate D. dalzelli from D. vagans. In the light of this comment we can’t really say for sure with these photos.
Even the images of D. vagans in eflora show a huge morphological variation.
Of the two, D. dalzelli is more common according to Cooke. For what it’s worth, … photos look like the plant I have seen in the northern Western Ghats and had identified as D. dalzellii.


IBIS Flora  Biodiversity in India, Volume 2 edited by T. Pullaiah (2003) Dinesh Valke’s Flickr Post 

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