Solanum pseudocapsicum ?;

ID request of this plant. : 25 posts by 8 authors. 2 images.
Id requested for this plant from Nagaon, Maharashtra.

I think some Solanum species.

It appears to be Solanum pseudocapsicum.

If it is a herb, it is Solanum nigrum; pod or calyx not clear

Solanum diphyllum L.

Thanks, …, for the id.
To me looks different from images at Solanum diphyllum & Solanum nigrum
Looks close as per images at Solanum pseudocapsicum
When were pictures clicked ?

yes …, the leaf and flower are close to S. pseudocapsicum

It was captured on Feb 6th 2019

Pair of big and small leaf can be seen ……….Solanum diphyllum

Thanks a lot. yes there are a pair of leaves; at upper nodes they are seen; I agree with you

its leaves are wider than i remember in house plant once popular as Jerusalem cherry or S. pseudocapsicum. also this seems to have a variation in leaves sizes as … mentioned. look at S diphyllum as a strong possibility. oh, i just saw … opinion. okay then

Thank you one and all for your valuable suggestions in identifying the plant.
For better comparison, I am herewith attaching some of the photos from my collection that may be useful.
Photos 1 & 2: Solanum pseudocapsicum
Place: Sirumalai Hills, Dindigul Dist., TN.
Approx. 1100 masl
DoP: 07-08-2014
Photos 3, 4 & 5: Solanum diphyllum.
Place: Shervaroyan Hills, Salem Dist., TN. 
Approx. 1200 masl
DoP: Photos 3 &4: 30-11-2012; Photo 5: 15.12.2013.
Attachments (5) – around 650 kb each.

I will go with … id of Solanum pseudocapsicum

you mean . there is so much variation in the leaf size? then the photographer must document it properly, eh??

It didn’t occur to my friend that such variation of leaf was to be documented when the photo was taken. I see that leaf size variation are very common Solanum diphyllum. But not in
Solanum pseudocapsicum. Is it an identification feature? Will document it properly when visiting the location again.

ok but … first two pictures are showing leaf size variation alright but his leaves have wrinkly edges? our current specimen has fresh lush green smooth edged leaves, even though it seems some size variation could be present. i am floored. someone who has a large collection of this S. pseudocapsicum photos please show us

Any similarity to the link ?

Thank you. S diphyllum with distinct small leaf accompanying as in this paper is not the problem. we have these growing in lower ganges delta as weeds sometimes. it is the s. pseudocapsicum leaves ….. the question. also no rush

Photographs of the flowers and fruits are essential. The photos of flowers are not clear.

It is S. diphyllum


Berries identification
1 image.
Requested for identification

Location mandi Himachal pradesh 
March 2021

Solanum pseudo-capsicum L.

Fruiting time appears different from observations at Solanum pseudocapsicum

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