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Here’a another question – we want to plant perches in the lake bed for the kingfishers, cormorants and others. Do suggest suitable tree species that can withstand prolonged water logging. They must be easy to obtain too! 🙂

To add to my query below – the snags need to last for a couple of years or so till the saplings (Acacia Nilotica, Terminalia Arjuna) grow and provide live perches.

By perch do you mean a dead wood or tree for birds to sit and watch the water below ???
Take a page out out of the National Geographic photographers..

its an open secret that they often planted //stuck deep in the mud large dead-falls they found near by or in the same water/stream/lake whatever… and then got some spectacular pics of perched birds in questions… that was in 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s .. and would hire local friendly workers to help do the job.. making sure that no crocodiles or piranhas lurked in the water..
recently they dont seem to send out teams to do do any bird stories… may be all are done…
but the lesson is: providing perch is a good idea for the birds, for the naturalists, and for the bird photographers etc..
so your group can walk around the perimeter of that lake, or other lakes or near by rivers… and id some dead-falls…get local authority permission to hack off large enough branches and transport and put them in place with hired help… girls alone cant do it…
all this writing, in case I understood your query correctly…

You got my meaning spot on! We are always on the look out for fallen trees and big branches and had already planted 7 of them. A couple of them disintegrated and toppled over perhaps because they could not withstand prolonged submersion. From your account though, I guess part of the fun in this exercise is providing the perches and not bothering about how long they will remain upright. FYI, to make things easier for us, we’ve decided to plant bamboo poles with cross bars fixed on them.

Thespesia populnea, Calophyllum inophyllum,
Pandanus odorifer
can be added to your list.

great, …

your local bird watchers and photographers I am sure are thanking you

and children pick up these habits when you make it so enjoyable and easy for them

the bamboo idea is good

many bamboo grow in moist soils so they would be natural

good luck

And I see you are one step ahead of what i thought up so you and your group are really innovative and energetic

I like that