Eranthemum pubescens Roth, Nov. Pl. Sp. 1 1821.;
W. India as per POWO;


Requesting to please provide ID of the plant captured at Devgad, Konkan Maharashtra in May 2014.
Was posted on the forum earlier here.
Could this be E. capens var. concanense based on the key provided here

efi page on Eranthemum capense   

Bracts and spike look very different in –

I agree …, the bracts and spikes do look different…. I wonder then, what this could be…

I do not have any idea … Please check the KEY provided by …- efi thread.

Thanks … for the key link…..Using this key, the plant appears to be E. pubescens (Bracts densely pubescent).
Copying the key provided here by … (from Dr. Almeida’s flora for Eranthemum L.  Vol  IV,  A pg: 36) for easy reference, please validate

1.Flowers reddish -pink——-E. cinnabarinum
1.Flowers blue——–2
   2. Bracts densely pubescent——E. pubescens
   2. Bracts glabrous or faintly hairy——–3
       3. Bracts white with green veins, obovate, obtuse, with a short reflexed mucro—-4
          4. Plants with many erect branches springing from a common base—E. wattii
          4. Plants with single stem, branched above, not in clumps—5
              5. Flowers 3-4 cm across —- E. roseum
              5. Flowers upto 2.5 cm across—–E. roseum var. parviflorum
        3. Bracts greeen, elliptic, ovate, acuminate—-6
              6. Flowers in dense, usually solitary, uninterrupted spikes; bracts exceeding 2 cm long—E. purpurascens
              6. Flowers in interrupted usually paniculate spikes; bracts less than 1 cm long—7
                  7. Leaves  elliptic—-  E. fastigiatum
                  7. Leaves  ovate—E. pulchellum

Looks matching with images from Eranthemum pubescens Roth from efi !


Requesting to please ID this shrub captured near Devgad, Maharashtra in May 2014.
Is it some Eranthemum species?

Though not clear yet white mark on bracts can be visible in the first and last pic. This directs to Eranthemum roseum (Vahl) R.Br.

I think … is right, E. roseum, characterized by long (longer than 7 cm) narrower spikes, obovate mucronate bracts mottled green and white.

Doubtful. Somehow the floral arrangement point towards Stachytarpheta spsBut not sure.

I doubt if any species of Stachytarpheta has that large bracts.

Thank you … However, I do not think that the bracts are white, rather they do not seem to have any white…but they are extremely hairy…am attaching a cropped pic of the bracts.
Based on the key provided by you and … (efi thread), could this be E. purpurascens or for that matter, E.capens ?
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Looks like Acanthaceae species. Eranthemum roseum ? (दसमुळी ?)

When posted under the Acanthaceae fortnight here, the keys suggested E. pubescens.
Would appreciate expert opinion on whether this is E. pubescens or E. roseum.

Thanks, …, I also think closer to Eranthemum pubescens Roth as per comparative images at Eranthemum

Thank you … for validating.



Acanthaceae week: Eranthemum purpurascens:
Eranthemum purpurascens
[image: Eranthemum purpurascens]<>
[image: Flowers of India]<>

commonly known as: purple eranthemum • Gujarati: દશમૂલી dashmuli • Hindi: गुलशाम gulsham • Marathi: गुलशाम gulsham
botanical names: current – Eranthemum purpurascens • synonyms: Daedalacanthus purpurascens, Justicia pulchella

I feel it may be Eranthemum pubescens Roth as per images and keys herein.

Thanks …, I will update notes at flickr accordingly.



Acanthaceae Fortnight :: Eranthemum purpurascens :: Guhagar :: DVMAR40/51 : 3 posts by 2 authors. 2 images.
Eranthemum purpurascens Wight ex Nees. near Guhagar on March 6, 2011

Wonderful images …

I feel it may be Eranthemum pubescens Roth as per images and keys herein.

Many thanks, …
It could be Eranthemum pubescens Roth
I see it looks close to plant in … post.
I will shortly update notes in flickr.

Konkan, MH :: Eranthemum for ID :: ARK2021-022 : 5 images.
Seen this Eranthemum in a village near coastal Devgad, MH in the last week of December 2020.

Am confused between E. pubescens and E. roseum.
Had earlier posted E. pubescens from the same area.
Requested to please ID.

I guess Eranthemum pubescens looks correct ID according to your earlier post but
CoL has no mention about it but POWO as Unplaced name and GBIF has listed.

I agree as per images and keys at Eranthemum pubescens Roth


Eranthemum pubescens Roth :: Guhagar, Maharashtra :: Mar 6, 2011 · JUN23 DV469: 2 images.

Eranthemum pubescens Roth
Guhagar, Maharashtra :: Mar 6, 2011 · 10:18 AM IST :: about 10 m (30 ft) asl
Many thanks to Garg ji for suggesting the ID at efloraofindia; many thanks to Siddarth Machado and Bharat Godambe for validating the ID at iNaturalist




The Plant List Ver.1.1  IBIS Flora  GBIF

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