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i remember, long ago I sent some fotos of seeds and had asked in the group to help me identify them.
I have found some good links to seeds.

Now though it is very cold here at present, we have started sowing seeds in pots in the house. After mid may the plants will be put in the garden.
I have put some seeds in the pots and they show the first two leaves which look more or less similat for all seeds. Then starts further leaves which look different for different plants.
I have put Pulsatilla and they are showing the leaves, but they don’t have the filligran look. Does anyone know websites / tables, showing the very young leaves that come out of the seeds?

this is neat fantastik wonderful etc
love it
Were we bale to at all help you then, i do remember your asking for some help then with unlabelled seeds
we always think we will know when time comes but if it comes a year or two later we have no clue
only vague memories
so this set of pictures will definitely come handy