S. India as per WCSP;
Common name: Erect White Lavender

Shrubs, 1-2 m high; stem grooved, villous. Leaves to 7 x 1.5 cm, oblong, obtuse, sessile, densely hairy, nerves 4 pairs, very oblique. Spikes 7 mm broad, linear, solitary or 2-3 together, terminal, densely hairy; bracts 4 mm long, ovate. Flowers whorled, thickly arranged; calyx 4.5 mm long, deflexed, densely villous, upper lip closing the tube, entire; corolla 10 mm long, white to blue, upper lip spathulate, concave, lower lip 3-lobed, midlobe emarginate or lobuled. Nutlets trigonous, brown, smooth.

Flowering and fruiting: September-December
Moist deciduous forests
Western Ghats (endemic)
(Attributions- Dr. N Sasidharan (Dr. B P Pal Fellow), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi

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I found this herb growing about a metre in height in the open areas of dry deciduous forests of Satyamangalam hills.
Experts help to identify this species.
Alt: 900 – 1100 msl
Date: first week of Nov 2008

Anisochilus verticillatus

‘Anisochilus verticillatus’ is called ‘Akash Tulas’ ‘आकाश तुळस’ in Marathi.

Looks much different from images of Anisochilus adenanthus (Syn: Anisochilus verticillatus Hook.f.) of Prashant ji at

ID Request- 04022014-PKA5

A reply from another thread:
“I dont think it is Anisochilus shoolamudianus because it possess small bracts not exceed calyx (your images carries well exerted large bracts), leaf veins not visible due to thick hairs (your images carries large leaves with prominent veins). For proper identification plant specimen requires or refer revision of Anisochilus by Somran S & Paton A, kew bulletin 64:235-257. (2009).

Probably it may be Anisochilus adenanthus (having both white & blue flowers) or a new one.
Here I am attaching the images of Anisochilus adenanthus (IMG_3582, IMG_3583) & Anisochilus shoolamudianus


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………….  Here I am attaching the images of Anisochilus adenanthus (IMG_3582, IMG_3583)



Anisochilus verticillatus Hook.f. (Lamiaceae) Kankavli, Maharashtra, 2017, August

Thanks, …  Appears quite close to images at /species/a—l/l/lamiaceae/anisochilus/anisochilus-adenanthus