Scutellaria linearis Benth., Pl. Asiat. Rar. 1: 66 1830. ;
Common name: Narrow-Leaved Skullcap
E. Afghanistan to W. Himalaya (from WCSP); 
Scutellaria linearis Benth. in Wall., Pl. As. rar. 1: 66. 1830.
A very distinctive species with linear leaves and axillary clusters of leaves in axils.
Photographed from Almora

This looks like Scutellaria repens.. the pinkish hue of flowers is not that common..
Please suggest if the id is otherwise..

I think yes

Very good photographs 

Thanks a lot …, yes it should be Scutellaria linearis Benth.

I cannot say with certainty that all these pics belong to same or similar individuals, esp. the flowering twigs..
The leaves in whorl tell this to be Scutellaria linearis..
Recorded from Chakrata, please give your opinion.. 

Not the second photograph

Thanks Sir, yes the second photo is distinct, inadvertently attached..

The identity is doubtful (as S.linearis) since flowers in third picture are not of S. linearis. The first and fourth pictures show linear leaves in whorl which is not the character of S. linearis. The species is correctly depicted in the another upload by G.Singh Sir from Almora.

Thanks a lot … for valuable inputs, I will try to see again, if I have more pics…!!

I shall be happy to take a look and comment at a later point.  Currently, I need to focus/concentrate upon completing Primulaceae postings on efI.
Have almost completed Primula plus CortusaAndrosace will be next.  There are a number of species which are not well understood which
require a lot of thought to help improve the present situation. 

I guess pics showing 3 different plants.



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