Ocimum gratissimum ?;


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Date: 2 October  2017
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Which Lamiaceae … ??
It was in a garden.

Try comparative images at family page in efi site.

Ocimum gratissimum

Thank you …!
Ocimum gratissimum L.
Nepali Names : बन तुलसी Ban Tulasee / राम तुलसी Raam Tulasee / बाबरी Baabaree

it is Ocimum americanum.

I was scrolling through the Ocimum gratissimum page and found it misplaced.

It is not O.americanum.

…, then what is your opinion.

For me, it is O. americanum or its hybrid.

As you are very sure let us wait for the opinion of other members.

Leaf wise, I found it more closer to Ocimum gratissimum rather than Ocimum americanum as per images and details herein. 

It is Ocimum americanum (= O. canum).

O. americanum is herbaceous annul. O. gratissimum is perennial and woody with two varieties. O. gratissimum var. macrophyllum smells like cloves and used a a spice.  O. gratissimum var. gratissimum is not good smelling but still cultivated due to its perennial nature. We have grown 6 types in my home in district  Hamirpur in H.P.

Leaf size is largest in O. gratissimum but very small in O. americanum.

Kindly consult the material sent on your personal mail.

Thanks, … I will check. 

Ocimum gratissimum