Justicia prostrata (Roxb. ex C. B. Cl.) Gamble, Fl. Madras 1081 1924.  (Syn: Justicia diffusa var. prostrata Roxb. ex C. B. Cl.; Rostellularia diffusa var. prostrata (Roxb. ex C. B. Cl.) H.S.Lo
(ambiguous synonym); Rostellularia diffusa var. prostrata (Roxb. ex C. B. Cl.) J.L.
Ellis (ambiguous synonym); Rostellularia prostrata (Roxb. ex C. B. Cl.) K.K.N. Nair (ambiguous
synonym); Rostellularia prostrata (Roxb. ex C. B. Cl.) R.B. Majumdar (ambiguous
synonym); Rostellularia prostrata (Roxb. ex C. B. Cl.) S. Sharma & B. Tiagi
(ambiguous synonym));    

China (Hainan, Fujian), Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, India (throughout
tropical India)
as per Catalogue of Life;

Erect or prostrate herbs, stem puberulus. Leaves to 1.7 x 1 cm, ovate, apex obtuse or acute, base rounded, nerves 4 pairs; petiole 7 mm long. Spikes 1.5 cm long, terminal, cylindrical to ovoid; bracts and bracteoles similar, 2 mm long. Flowers lax; calyx lobes 3 mm long, lanceolate, glabrous; corolla 4 mm long, white, glabrous; ovary glabrous. Capsule 3 mm long, glabrous; seeds triangular, rugose, puberulus, reddish brown.

Flowering and fruiting: September-January
Deciduous forests, also in the plains
Peninsular India and Sri Lanka
(Attributions- Dr. N Sasidharan (Dr. B P Pal Fellow), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi      
from India Biodiversity Portal)          

Images by Anurag N Sharma, Identified/  Validated by A. Laithamba & Binu Thomas (Inserted by J.M.Garg)

Acanthaceae fortnight ANMAR16/37 Justicia diffusa

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Family: Acanthaceae
Date: August 2014
Place: Bangalore, Karnataka
Habit: Herb
Identified by: …

This Justicia sp. cannot be J. diffusa Willd based on the densely bristly/hispid/tomentose or scabrid (please clarify the description) nature of the calyx and bracts and capsule.
This could possibly be Justicia prostrata (Cl.) Gamble.
In Gamble, the description is given as Small prostrate plants becoming woody sometimes. Leaves small, orbicular or ovate and rarely over .5 in long. Spikes short, flowers pale. Calyx lobes more or less scabrous. Capsules small and puberulous.
What is not matching according to the key is- Bracts are supposed to be lanceolate but here they are ovate.

it looks like justicia prostrata, there are some minor variations in many species

Thank you very much ma’am. Glad to have this species sorted!



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Justicia sp.
Gidhni, WB, India
05 January 2019

can you tell us  the size of those leaves and did you take pictures of the leaves and the stalk …is it round or something else?

i haven’t measured the actual size of the leaves. Please see one of my picture where the leaves structure may help to understand.

I can guess but your pictures have a lot of other junk. also get in the habit of carrying a small ruler. you may gain from looking up some cases of … you may gain insights into easy quick photography with accuracy of botanical specimen. 
Tumi jodi get in that habit jibone khub kaje debe. good luck 

Pl. check comparative images at Justicia  

Sir i have checked, somewhat looking close to J. prostrata and J. japonica but i am not sure.

Thanks, … for narrowing down the id. To me appears close to Justicia prostrata
Pl. check detailed description.


An Excursion Flora of Central Tamilnadu, India By K. M. Matthew (1995- details with keys)