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I found your page very interesting, because I live in a gated community called Ferns Meadows. We pride ourselves because we are very green and conscious of our biodiversity. I was especially happy to see your list of trees that sustain birds, bees and mammals. TOur founding fathers had planted Silver Oaks, most of which are over 15 years – we are told these are reaching their end of life. Our plan is to plant saplings that bear fruits, flowers and are fragrant (like Akash Mallige), so that there is enough for bees, butterflies, birds, bats, monkeys and squirrels to feed on. But, most of these will be along our streets, hence have to be shorter than powerlines, and not have root systems which are shallow and interfere with the roads.

We have about 4 kms of road in our 42 acres, in what was once the Green Belt, and now called the Yellow Belt. This is off Hennur Main Road, past the Ring Road, in a village called Bilishivale. I have  identified trees that can replace the Silver Oaks gradually.
This is my list:

1.    Jackfruit (Red& Yellow) – 6 each = 12
2.    Breadfruit – 6
3.    Grapefruit – 6
4.    Gooseberry – 6
5.    Starfruit – 6 (Carambola)
6.    Bilimbi – 6  (Bemp Huli)
7.    Nutmeg – 6
8.    Fig         – 6
9.    Allspice – 6
10. Cinnamon -6
11. Avocado – 10
13. Jamun – 6
14. Gooseberry –\
1.    Sampige (Champak) – 10
2.    Rosewood – 10
3.    Mahogany – 6
4.    Ebony – 8
5.    Nagalinga Pushpa – 8
6.    Symaroopa – 6
7.    Akash Mallike – 10
8.    Kanakal (shrub) -10
9.    Gulganje – 6
10. Seema Sundukai – 6
11. Kadamba – 8
12. Tamarind – 6

I have chosen shorter ones to be planted under powerlines, and taller ones on the other side of the street and public areas. Is this the right way, or can you be kind enough to advise us to do better?      

Looking forward

The list is looking good. you can add Vijayasar (Pterocarpus marsupium), madhuca longifolia, Neem,
Alstonia scoloris,

Michelia champaka, Terminalia arjuna, Lagerstroeia speciosa, Thespesia poplnea, Gmelina arborea,
Mimusops elengi, Varun, Albizia lebbeck, Aegle marmelos, which will add more value for your area.

you need to plant trees that will attract colorful and useful critter… such as birds and butterflies.

i also need to know the english names of your list of trees

i do not know your vernacular names…

overall a good idea to pass the list thru a botany group, we have several landscape and ecology scientists.

so send the botanical names, or at least english colloquial names.

I think you are located near Bangalore. What is your  requirement/ idea of planting ? Make sure. Is it related to commercial purpose or simply ornamentation or both. I will carefully go through your list & then suggest  trees/ shrubs which can be grown in your area. Nevertheless, I wish to state that Millingtonia hortensis (Aakasha mallige) is not a suitable tree.  
Meanwhile find out whether you can get the sap-lings of all the trees listed above and suggested by  other experts !. In my own experience it is difficult to get the saplings as per one’s requirement.

Can you pl. tell what is Kanakal shrubs botanical name as some one is requesting for it ?

Please provide sapplings : 2 posts by 1 author.
Can we get kanakal sapplings and where we can get this ?

Please send the image of Kanakal sapplings.

We are not aware what is Kanakal plant. Pl. give botanical name or pl. send photos.