Idea is to have our members write a page about their journey to & through efloraofindia. And it has been appropriately incorporated in efloraofindia site here.  
It shows to the outside world the passion & hard work that has gone into the making of efloraofindia. It also highlights the diversity of the type of persons engaged in its making. Naturally it’s going to be very different for everybody & it is also a discovery of oneself through efloraofindia.
These may be covering some of the following aspects:
What do you do?
What led you to join efi ?

How was the journey through it ?
What is so special about efi ?
How is it different from others ?

How do you feel being apart of it ?
How has it affected your life and profession ?
Where do you expect to see efi after 10 years?
Any memorable moments on efi?
Any comment for the members? etc. etc.

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