Malus pumila Mill., The gardeners dictionary: eighth edition The gardeners dictionary: eighth edition; 1768 Malus no.3 1768. (syn: Pyrus pumila (Mill.) Steud.) ?;



Rosaceae Fortnight Rosaceae plant-PC-21-04.09.2015 : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)

here is some shots of Rosaceae plants from Warsaw

Smaller apples may be Malus pumila.


Rosaceae week-flora of Australia-51.:

Pl confirm whether this small tree is a member of Rosaceae .

It is a garden tree.

Hope Prunus sp.

Malus pumila Mill.

I am having some doubts as per images at Malus pumila, particularly w.r.t. leaves.

Maybe … can confirm.

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