Impatiens agumbeana Bhaskar & Razi, J. Bombay Nat. Hist. Soc. 79: 382 1982 publ. 1983. ;

Images by Anurag N. Sharma and tspkumar



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Family: Balsaminaceae
Date: 30th August 2015
Place: Agumbe, Karnataka

Habit: Epiphytic herb
Habitat: On moss covered tree trunks

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The Plant List states Impatiens agumbeana Bhaskar & Razi is a synonym of Impatiens barberi Hook.f.
But GRIN (2009) gives it valid accepted species.
May be … can clarify which one to follow.

Dr. Janarthanam and group had merged my Impatiens agumbeana under I. barberi Hk.f. based on their observation of the Type herbarium specimen.  Since the collection of I. barberi by C.A. Barber in 1903 there was no collection from the Type locality including Jyosna Dessai and Dr. Janarthanam.  I made several attempts to trace it again since 1992 but in vain. I also thought that I. barberi has become extinct.  Only during September 2011, after an intensive search in the upper sholas of Cadamane, I could collect I. barberi.  I compared this with I. agumbeana and came to a conclusion that although both look more or less alike I. barberi differed in having sharply curved dorsal auricle, sparsely distributed hairs on seeds with bimorphic banding pattern, while in I. agumbeana, dorsal auricle is straight, seeds have densely crowded hairs with only one kind of banding pattern.  In Impatiens, within the group or section, external morphology hardly provides distinguishing features but in the absence of morphological differences, micro-morphological characters offer stable qualitative differences on which one has to rely upon.  Hence, Impatiens agumbeana and I. barberi remain as distinct species. For detailed discussion please read my Taxonomic monograph on Impatiens of Western Ghats (2012).

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TSPOCT2015-22: Images of impatiens agumbeana shared. : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (5)
It is my pleasure to share a few images of Impatiens agumbeana (Balsaminaceae)
Habit: Epiphytic
Habitat: Evergreen forest
Sighting: Devaramane, Chikmagalur, Karnataka, about 1400 msl
Date: 05-06-2015  and 24-06-2015

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