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This is an invitation to you and your students to attend our One-day Seminar and Exhibition as part of the Centenary Celebrations of J S Gamble’s Flora of the Presidency of Madras scheduled on 18th Dec. 2015 at JNTBGRI, Palode. The themes of Lecture Series in the forenoon include: J. S. Gamble: Life and Works; Flora of the Presidency of Madras;  Bambuseae of British India; Manual of Indian Timbers;Materials for a Flora of the Malayan Peninsula; Andaman Plants; Ferns of Gamble; New Taxa of Gamble including commemorative Taxa; His namesake Plants and Stray Papers. After the lunch an exhibition of Gamble Memorabilia from the archives along with live samples of selected taxa of Gamble will be inaugurated for the benefit of young students and researchers.
You are most welcome to attend with your students.
Please drop a line to confirm your group’s participation.

Wishing you all success …,

I got the message from another source.

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