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id pl of the tree in Meghalay

To me this is Hibiscus macrophyllus

Appears like Hibiscus spp to me too.



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Habitat: Hill  
Location:  Sangu  Matamuhuri Wildlife Sanctuary 
Picture taken: February, 2019

tree p[ic and full face of the leaf, tree trunk please



Not available sir except this one  

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Pl. check comparative images at 

This seems to be Thespesia sp. (Malvaceae)

yes of course it reminds one of paras piplo tree of malvaceae but that’s not the point. has anybody ever seen such hairy peduncles and pedicels in Thespesia sp. (Malvaceae) trees??? i have not. please enlighten me., … how tall? stem how wide? woody or herbal? etc etc

I have never seen before. It seems to me new for Bangladesh, I have reviewed the secondary information. I have checked with Malvaceae and Sterculiaceae. However, a hill tree name locally khasipala at Patharia hill near to Assam. I hope it is distributed in Assam hill and hill of Burma.

Ok, thanks. but if you took these pictures. must recall the details of the tree?

Check hibiscus tiliaceus

Thanks, …, for the initial id. To me appears close to images and details at Hibiscus macrophyllus Roxb. ex Hornem.

Hibiscus macrophyllus for sure


Plz id. Nagaland : 6 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1)- 2 Mb. 
Haven’t come across this plant. 

A guess: some Malvaceae member?

Hibiscus tiliaceus ?? 

I think more closer to images at Hibiscus macrophyllus Roxb. ex Hornem. rather than those at Hibiscus tiliaceus L. var. tiliaceus