Sometimes back I came across your publication on a new record from Bangladesh (Ipomoea triloba) in Tropical Plant Research.  In this context I wold like to inform you that it is a predatory journal with doubtful credentials.  Such journals have mushroomed in recent past ever since publication of online papers have been allowed to be effective and valid by ICN. It is advisable to not publish a paper in such journals.
For further information on predatory journals, kindly log on to the website of Scholarly Open Access and you will get full details therein.

i am shocked. so did a quick search. i did not find it in Dr beall’s list and the joutrnal is published by a society. board members oare mostly CSIR people? so how does it make it predatory. I am confused. do you mean these researchers ar CSIR have their names bogusly purt in or they may not know that its a scam?

I was highly impressed when I came to know about this journal wherein names of a number of Scientists of NBRI Lucknow are associated.  I in fact also prepared a short note for this journal.  However one day I went to CNH in the Botanic Garden and told Dr. Subir Bandyopadhyay about this journal. He immediately warned me not to submit any paper there. He informed that Dr. K. Narayanan Nair from NBRI came to garden recently and Subir asked him about this journal who in turn replied that they all at NBRI will withdraw their names soon from this journal as they came to know that it is a predatory journal without any valid address or office though they have managed ISSN number.
A closer look at the papers published in their back issues on taxonomy will reveal that these papers reflect very poor editing and without any specific prescribed format of citation.