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It was a much awaited publication on Indian flora. Recently (2015), Botanical Survey of India has published the book ‘Endemic Vascular Plants of India’ authored by P. Singh, K. Karthigeyan, P. Lakshminarasimhan & S. S. Dash.

It is a very useful document to the workers of taxonomy who wish to know which species occurring in their area are endemic to India. Most often regional floras lack this information but with the availability of this document it is possible and easier now. The colourful book enumerates 4381 taxa (Angiosperms-4303, Gymnosperms-12, Pteridophytes-66) as endemic to India. Added with 250 colour photographs of different endemic species the book also identifies 25 endemic rich areas in India.

Interestingly, state wise Uttarakhand stands at 11th position with 81 endemic species (1.84% of India) and Garhwal and Kumaon is identified as a minor area of high endemism.

This 339 page book has a price tag of Rs 2000 and should be available now in BSI centres. Though, I procured it from Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh, Dehradun at the same price with free postage.

Happy to learn. Hope Flora of India volumes will get priority now.

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