Capsicum chinense x Capsicum frutescens;
Common name: Tezpur Chilli • Hindi: राजा मिर्चा Raja mircha • Manipuri: ꯎꯃꯣꯔꯣꯛ Umorok, Oomorok • Bengali: নাগা মরিচ naga morich • Assamese: নাগা জলকীয়া naga jolokia • Mizo: Saphmarcha

Capsicum assamicum
Hottest pepper in the World, Bhoot Jolokia, Ghost pepper was earlier considered as hybrid between C. frutescens and C. chinense, but decsribed as independent species in 2012
The species is differentiated by its prfusely branched habit, two flowered clusters, yellow green corolla, orange red conical fruit with dented surface when mature.
We have purchased the plant from local nursery here in Fremont California last week, the plant is adjusting slowly. I will upload photographs of fruit when mature.
Here is flower and branch.

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Capsicum chinense Jacq. : 4 posts by 1 author. 4 images- 6 to 7 mb each.
Location: Kalimpong, WB, India
Date:  29  November 2019 
Elevation: 1350m.
Habitat: Cultivated
Bhoot Jolokia !!!

Is ID correct ?

As cultivated capsicum species have so many cultivars, you have to decide.
As you stated Bhoot Jolokia, pl. check Wikipedia.

This has been told by the nursery owner !

The fruit is definitely of Bhoot Jolokia
I recognize it as I use it regularly in my cooking.

Bhut Jalokia, Capsicum assamicum from California-GS08112020- : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)
Bhut Jalokia, Ghost pepper, Bhutanese Chilli, often considered as hybrid between C. chinensis and C. frutescens, Flora of Assam treated it under C. chinensis, has been recognised as distinct species Capsicum assamicum J.Purkay. & Lok.Singh, 2012. Catalogue of life treats it accepted name.
It was once considered as hottest pepper with Scovelli Heat Unit (SHG) of 1,041,047, subsequently overtaken by Naga Viper pepper (1,382,118 SHG) in 2011, overtaken by Carolina Reaper (1,641,183 SHG) in 2017.
Photographed from Osh Hardware Store Nursery, Fremont, California, 17-7-2016.

Interesting, thanks for the upload Sir…
Flowers are innocent.. with no signs of devil..!!


Solanaceae week:World’s hottest chillies – bhut jalokia:
Bhut jalokia has been declared as the world’s hottest chillies.  There was an article on this chilly in the Hindustan Times.  Here is the link.  Hope you like it.… 

– Bhut jalokia is the third in the list and not the hootest according to the recent rating:

– Yes it was the hottest in the year 2007 as per Guinness world records.

a tray full of red chillies was drying in the sun just outside khichupudi lake, sikkim
november 2010
–  It may be C. chinense, C. frutescens.
Naga Jolokia—is a chili pepper recognized by Guinness World Records as the third hottest pepper in the world. The pepper is typically called the ghost chili or ghost pepper.
– I just knew that they were amongst the spiciest
– There was an article on this chilly in the Hindustan Times.  Here is the link.