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Enclosing some pictures for identification.
Location : Nubra Valley
Altitude: 10300 ft.
Date:  22 August 2014

Another which I cannot place at this time.  Seems distinctive enough. 

Asteraceae ?? Close to Carpesium sp. ?

I think looks different from Carpesium

Do you think this could be Asteraceae member, … ?

This could be either Carpesium cernuum, or some Bidens.

Asteraceae. Could be close to Carpesium cernuum as suggested by …!
But here it looks young flower bud.
Could not track it.

Looks matching with Carpesium cernuum L. !
C. cernuum
Carpesium cernuum 

I do not think it matches as per Carpesium cernuum

Carpesium trachelifolium Less.  ??

I do not think so as per images at Carpesium trachelifolium

Could this be Carpesium  ?or other sp.?
GBIF specimen

Can not say.