Lysimachia deltoidea Wight, Ill. Ind. Bot. 2: 137, pl. 144 1850. (syn: Lysimachia ferruginea Edgew.; Lysimachia grisea Knuth; Lysimachia japonica Thw.; Lysimachia metziana Hohen. ex Hook. fil.; Lysimachia metziana Hohen. ex Knuth; Lysimachia umbrosa Gardn. ex Thw.);
NE-India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar [Burma] (Kachin, Sagaing), Bhutan, Assam, Darjeeling, Nepal as per Catalogue of Life;

Wight Ill. ii. 137, t. 144 ; hirsute, procumbent, branches ascending, leaves ovate or broadly oblong obtuse or acute, peduncles solitary or 2-nate about as long as the leaves, sepals lanceolate villous shorter than the corolla, filaments united at the base by a very narrow membrane, ovary glabrous. Klatt, die Gatt. Lysim, t. 19. L. Metziana, Hohen. Pl. Exsicc. Ind. Or. No. 1443, 1444.

Nilgherry and Pulney Mts., Wight, &c.
Much branched from the base ; branches rooting below, terete. Leaves often 3-nate, 3/4-1.1/2 in., more or less hairy on both surfaces. Peduncles usually decurved in fruit. Corolla yellow, 2/3 in. diam., segments obovate, gland-dotted. Capsule bursting by valves, shorter than the corolla.
(from The Flora of British India (1882) from IBIS Flora)

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