Cyperus laevigatus L., Mant. Pl. 2: 179 1771. (syn: Acorellus laevigatus (L.) Palla; Acorellus pallae Kneuck.; Chlorocyperus junciformis (Desf.) Rikli; Chlorocyperus laevigatus (L.) Palla; Cyperus careyi Britton; Cyperus cossyrensis Tineo ex Guss.; Cyperus incurvus Spreng. ex Kunth; Cyperus juncellus Dinter; Cyperus junciformis Desf.; Cyperus laevigatus var. albidus Vahl …………….; Cyperus lateralis Forssk.; Cyperus leucostachys Link; Cyperus maritimus Gouan ex Spreng. [Illegitimate]; Cyperus monostachyos Link [Illegitimate]; Cyperus mucronatus L.; Cyperus pleuranthus Nees; Cyperus reptans Boeckeler; Cyperus rivularis Steud. [Illegitimate]; Cyperus roxburghianus C.Presl; Cyperus roxburghii A.Dietr.; Cyperus subaphyllus Boeckeler ex Schinz; Cyperus submonastichyus Steud. & Jard.; Cyperus teretifolius A.Rich.; Cyperus uliginosus Thouars ex Link; Cyperus viridulus Boeckeler; Juncellus laevigatus (L.) C.B.Clarke; Juncellus laevigatus var. junciformis C.B.Clarke; Juncellus lateralis (Forssk.) M.R.Almeida; Pycreus laevigatus (L.) Nees; Pycreus lateralis (Forssk.) Nees);



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Plant name: Cyperus laevigatus L., Mant. Pl. 2: 179. 1771.
Ver. name: Smooth flat sedge (Eng.);

Family: Cyperaceae
Description: Perennial rhizomatous herbs, 30-50cm tall. Culms single, trigonous. Leaves reduced, sheath reddish. Spikes 5-15 mm long, 5-15 digitately arranged in lateral heads; rays absent or 1-2mm long.  Bracts 1 or 2, erect, appearing as continuation of culm. Spikelets 2–7, whitish green to reddish, compressed-turgid, oblong-lanceolate  4-7 × 2-3mm. Glumes 10-15 whitish with red speckles, 1-3 ribbed. Anthers 2. Stigmas 3. Achenes gray, glossy, oblong-ellipsoid , base cuneate, apex apiculate, surfaces finely reticulate.
Habitat & location: Occasional in muddy soils. Photographed at Ananthasagaram. 

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