Ceropegia spiralis Wight, Icon. Pl. Ind. Orient. 4: t. 1267 1848. (syn: Ceropegia munroi Wight);

Ceropegia spiralis Wight (Images
by TSP Kumar (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more images & complete details,
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Common name: Spiral Ceropegia • Marathi: Pilachi Khantudi

Tubers subglobose, 2-4 cm diam. Stem slender, 25-35 cm high. Leaves seemingly clustered towards tip, 8-10 x 0.2-0.3 cm; lamina with scattered brown spots; midrib only prominent. Flowers axillary, solitary. Peduncles 0.8-1 cm long. Bracts filiform, subulate, 0.3-0.4 cm long. Calyx lobes 0.6-0.8 cm long, slender, filiform. Corolla tube 1.5-1.8 cm long; lobes 2-2.5 cm long, slender, filiform, spirally twisted; tube greenish, lobes brown. Outer corona lobes 0.1 cm, acute; inner 0.25-0.3 cm long. Stigma slightly conical.

Flowering and fruiting: August-December
Rocky areas in grasslands
Peninsular India (endemic)

(Attributions- Dr. N Sasidharan (Dr. B P Pal Fellow), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi from India Biodiversity Portal 

TSP-SEP2016-01-427:Images of Ceropegia spiralis (Apocynaceae) : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (5)

It is my pleasure to present few images of Ceropegia spiralis Wight  (Apocynaceae




Habit: Herb

Habitat: Wild, Dry deciduous forest 

Sighting: Arasikere, Hassan, Karnataka, about 900 msl 

Date: 30-08-2016

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