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Common name: Himalayan Launaea • Nepali: चाउले झार Chaaule Jhaar, मुला पाते Mulaa Paate
Himalayan species with characteristic nearly leafless stem and heads in one sided racemes.


Location: Jomsom, Nepal
Altitude:  8800 ft.
Date: 22 April 2013
Nepali Names : चाउले  झार Chaaule Jhaar / मुला पाते Mulaa Paate




Location: Marpha, Mustang, Nepal

Date: 12 April  2017
Altitude: 9000 ft.
No luck for flowers this time too!
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Sharing some pictures for ID. Flowers not bloomed.
Pictures were shot at Jomsom Nepal on 22 April 2013 at 8800 ft.

Early to say anything, to me it looks like any Launaea sp.

I guess it matches with Launaea secunda (C. B. Clarke) Hook. f. which is only one found at an altitude of 1700-3400 m. out of 4 Launaea found in Nepal. Link

Awaiting ID verification.

I think matches with images of Launaea secunda at Flowers of India
Also check with herbarium at http://www.gbif.org/occurrence/912612999

Thank you. Launaea secunda (C.B.Clarke) Hook.f.
Nepali Names : चाउले  झार Chaaule Jhaar / मुला पाते Mulaa Paate

Himalayan species with characteristic nearly leafless stem and heads in one sided racemes. Although heads are not open but characteristic features are clearly shown.
Clicked from near Renuka ji on route to Bangayani Temple in Sirmour district, on May 24, 2015. 

Composite for id from Shimla-2010:
This Asteraceae member was shot from periphery of Shimla in November 2010. Looks like Launaea but leaves do not match completely. Help to clarify the doubts please….I apologize to have these pics only.

Should be Launaea procumbens, judging from the length of pappus.

Launaea secunda as identified by … at Asteraceae Fortnight Part 3-Ligulate Heads: Launaea for id from Shimla-NS 11

Yes …! Launaea secunda !

This one was shot from Shimla-Chail Road in November 2010..
earlier id response was Launaea procumbens..
Wanted to confirm the id please..

efi page on  Launaea procumbens

May be Launea secunda

I could not find Launaea procumbens Roxb. in Flora Indica.

There is one, Prenanthes procumbens Roxb., which is a native of Bengal (FI. iii. 404), which is L. nudicaulis Less. of FBI and Bengal Plants, which is unresolved in KEW, looks similar to Brachyramphus obtusus DC., syn. of Launaea nudicaulis (L.) Hook.f. of KEW,
which further is 1) Launaea procumbens (Roxb.) Amin of KEW, 2) Launaea procumbens (Roxburgh) Ramayya & Rajagopal of FoC, 3) Launaea fallax (Jaubert & Spach) Kuntze of IIIM

In Launaea secunda Clarke, heads are “1/3 inch long narrow in subsessile racemed subsecund clusters, as in – http://apps.kew.org/herbcat/getImage.do?imageBarcode=K000808056 (source)
Any other difference between L. secunda Clarke and L. nudicaulis Less.?

This has already been listed as L. procumbens.

Two species are reported from that area
L. procumbens with decumbant habit and achenes much shorter than pappus 
L. secunda with erect habit and achene as long as pappus
Habit is not clear but in at least one achene in figure 4, both are seen which suggests L. secunda

Plant for ID :: Shimla, Dec 2018 :: ARK2019-05 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)

Seen this near our hotel near Shimla in Dec 2018.
Is this Launaea procumbens? The flowers, though, were much smaller than I have seen elsewhere.
Requested to please provide ID.

Looking close to Lactuca serriola

Thanks … Efi pics though do not match, the pics above do not have any leaves on the flowering stalk. Hoping to get feedback from others’ as well.

To me also appears close to images at Launaea procumbens

I think it may be Launaea secunda as per images and details herein. I think only this species is reported at such higher elevation as per Checklist of Nepal

Yes …! Launaea secunda !

/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Launaea-3.jpg /wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Launaea-1.jpg/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Launaea-2.jpg

Launaea secunda (C. B. Clarke) Hook. f.: 4 very high res. images.

Location: Dunai, Dolpa,  Nepal
Altitude:  2300m.
Date: 17 June 1022

Habit : Wild