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Wild plant with many yellow flowers seen near a lake in Fremont on 29/9/14.

Seems to be from Asteraceae family.

need a better close up of the face of flower
sepals and leaves if any

I have cropped one of the picture. It was evening time, so light was low.

Could have done a better job in proper sunlight. Hope the cropped picture helps.

sorry does not

Not a problem. It was almost sunset time, light was very low.

I could have done a better job with the pictures in daylight. Will try searching.

… recent post of Centromadia from California reminded me of my earlier post.
Centromadia Species for sure.
Could be Centromadia parryi ssp. congdonii.

This was seen near Lake Elizabeth in Fremont.

…, difficult to confirm species without close ups

C. pungens has disc achenes without pappus, leaves are not glandular
C. parryi has disc achenes with 3-5 scaly pappus, leaves conspicuously glandular

The look similar from distance.

Thanks for your explanation in detail.

We will take it as Centromadia Species.

…, for such photographs from outside India, you can also try the Facebook “Plant Identification” Group, I got both my plants identified from that forum.

Yes it certainly is quite possible that the taxon you have photographed is Centromadia parryi, possibly ssp. congdonii. There are records of herbarium collections made, which you can find databased through the Jepson Interchange, from Fremont in disturbed sites.  We typically find Centromadia parryi and Centromadia pungens on alkaline flats that are seasonally moist, which looks like the habitat you have pictured.

Centromadia parryi Greene ??