Plantago himalaica Pilg. (syn: Plantago brachyphylla Edgew. ex Decne.; Plantago gentianoides Decne.);
Pakistan (Hazara), Pakistani Kashmir (Baltistan, Skardu), Jammu & Kashmir
(Ladakh, Zanskar, Kashmir), Nepal
as per Catalogue of life;
Common name: Himalayan Plantain • Hindi: अश्वकर्ण Ashwakarn • Sanskrit: अश्वकर्ण Ashwakarn




Sharing some pictures I guess is of Plantago asiatica Linnaeus shot at Khardung Village on 21 August 2014.

I think seems to match with images of Plantago asiatica as per the following:

It may be Plantago asiatica subsp. erosa (Wallich) Z. Y. Li as only this subspecies is found in India as per
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Yes, it is a Plantago.
Stewart lists 4 species from Ladakh; Dickore & Klimes list 5.
The images do not match either P.lanceolata or P.major which are ‘cosmopolitan’ weedy species also found in the UK – though probably separate varieties are found in the Himalaya.
So that leaves P.depressa, P.gentianoides and P.himalaica.
Stewart does not mention P.asiatica subsp. erosa but does include P.erosa Wall. though not from Ladakh – only Baluchistan and Hazara plus, perhaps, Peshawar.
He does list P.asiatica var. angusta from Hazara and Kashmir.
P.asiatica is generally understood to be found in China (and Japan).
According to Stewart, P.depressa is common in Ladakh.  P.himalaica is common on high meadows in Kashmir.
The images look close to what has been identified as P.himalaica on the ‘Flowers of India’ site. This also seems to match images on another site:
According to the images provided by the eflora of Pakistan, the images do not match P.gentianoides.
In conclusion, whilst the plant photographed by Saroj might be Plantago himalaica, I am uncertain about distinguishing between this and forms of P.depressa. Some of the evidence available is contradictory.
Can anyone help?

Thanks, … I think you are correct in calling this to be P.himalaica as images of Plantago depressa look different at

Yes, Plantago himalaica seems the best bet.
I had seen the first link you sent.
I am pretty sure the Mongolian image is not of P.depressa.
The long erect inflorescenes and shape of leaves of P.depressa appear distinctive.