Oberonia seidenfadenii (H.J.Su) Ormerod, Taiwania 47: 242 2002. (syn: Hippeophyllum seidenfadenii H.J. Su; Hippeophyllum seidenfadii H.J.Su);

 Images by tspkumar


Kindly examine and identify this Oberonia sp (Orchidaceae) 


Habitat:Wild,Epiphytic,Evergreen forest 

Sighting:Mullaianagiri,Chikmagalur,Karnataka,about 1700 msl 


All my IDs for your Oberonias are tentative. As flowers are smaller and I cant see many characters.
I would say this is a small plant with nicely arranged leaves, one leaf sheathing the floral stalk, side lobes of the labellum arching and overlapping, hence this could be Oberonia seidenfadenii.


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