Please find one of our new publication on Orchids of Vang Vieng at the link below. It is freely downloadable. Hope you will like it.
Citation: Kumar, P., S.W. Gale, A. Schuiteman, S. Bouamanivong & G.A. Fischer(2016). Identifying orchid hotspots for biodiversity conservation in Laos: the limestone karst vegetation of Vang Vieng District, Vientiane Province. Journal of Threatened Taxa 8(12): 9397–9417;

As many as 135 orchid species in a linear stretch of 5kms in the month of April reflects the exceptional richness of Orchidaceae. It also indicates that there must be large number of other flowering plant species including many endemics and novelties.

A rainy season (I am not aware which months) survey will be even more rewarding though will be full of leeches and noxious insects of tropics.

Appreciable work which, I think, is a beginning and many more explorations and publications will follow in future.

Congratulations and my good wishes.